So…..a heads up!

I have a wonderful Confidence Coach that I am doing a program with, Jenn Scalia!  She really pumps out the confidence in her clients, which I know is a very important part of the business, but sometimes can be hard at times, because you don’t want to come across as proud or boasting.

She has asked us, as part of a Challenge, to list as many things as we can as to why people should work with us!


Why You Should Work With Me and Why You Should Consider Taking My Program, CREATORIE!


With homeschooling my 5 children and working an Online Business at the same time, I HELP PEOPLE GET STUFF DONE because I know how to UTILIZE TIME, not manage it, UTILIZE IT!

This year, I’ve created:

  • A Manifesting Book (20 Rituals to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet)
  • A 40 Day Manifesting Challenge
  • A 20-Video Money Block Course
  • An Intense Vision Board Blueprint Course
  • A Coloring Pages Shop
  • A Monthly Mentorship Program to Help New and Emerging Entrepreneurs

Most of these courses bring in a Residual income for me, money while I sleep!

As well as this I create Valuable Content on Social Media that engages people and helps them to manifesting easily.

I’m a Visionary, so I see my future before I live it.  I help others see their future as well.

I’m Passionate about Residual Income.

I OVER-DELIVER in my courses!  Sometimes, too much! Lol!

I understand the Power of the Law of Attraction and use it in my work.

I’m passionate about the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.  This was the reason I left my work as a Raw Food Coach because it only addressed the body.  I used all elements of the Human Being in my Monthly Mentorship, CREATORIE!

I take ACTION and use my INSTINCTIVE DRIVE to be more productive and provide value to all my people!

I’ve been in Online Business for over 5 years and know how to:

  • Create a website (and know how to have them created for me)
  • Create Landing pages
  • Create and Build relationships with Email Lists
  • Create Videos for websites (coding etc)
  • Create Logos and Banners (or more important than that, have them created for me)
  • Create Digital Courses based on my passion and know how to monetize it.
  • Create posts that engage people
  • Create a Kindle Book for Amazon.  I have one for sale currently on Amazon.


I understand Work/Family Balance in a big way!  I don’t always believe there is 24/7 balance and because of this I get Family, SELF and Husband time.

My office usually has an open door policy, unless I”m creating videos, so I have my children come to see me regularly whilst I work.

So I amidst all my ‘work’ I make time to:

  • Explore and Travel with my family (our favourite thing to do)
  • Help my children pursue their own Entrepreneurial Ventures (15yr old is launching her first Amazon book and 13yr old, with his Dad is creating his own SkateBoard company])
  • Have Daily Devotion with my Family
  • Worship daily and weekly with my family
  • Pray with my family
  • Cook with my family
  • Serve with my family
  • Engage with my children and really talk to them about LIFE

Here’s What Others Have Said:

I’m falling in love with you. It’s like you see into my soul, and want to bless me! Becky


I love how you went over the head talk and the excuses. You did your research!! Great job. Saved in my EFT tapping playlist!




I also got notice about being paid for a workshop that I originally was upset for not getting paid for! This stuff works! Carrie


wow Hinarera this was my 1st tapping exercise…I feel amazing!!!



After an amazing Sabbath day yesterday,my morning this morning suddenly turned into a totally low vibration,5am this morning I’m in front of my bathroom mirror tapping my way through this scale 10 emotion,bringing it down to a 4,enough for me to carry on with my morning,able to give 3 acts of kindness which brought my vibration humming to a higher level…woohoo…but I’m glad I hadn’t chosen today as my no complaint day…cause I did to Much of it this morning,!!was flicking myself with my no complaint rubber band on my wrist way too many times this morning…haha…but had a quiet moment in the arvo once I had the privilege of being of service to a few people and review your e-book H and watching your videos on my desire for 40 days manifest would be…woohoo…I got my visualization back on track,thank you!!

This manifest stuff is working in my life so amazingly,I am so blest right now!!!xox

J.R. Australia


Thank you for sharing your 20 rituals book for free Hinarera! I went through it all over the weekend and I really loved putting together my Daily Script, it is printed and on my dresser to read every morning. I found your book so valuable and will read it again in a month to make sure I am making the most of my rituals smile emoticon heart emoticon

K.M Australia


Thank you so much for the knowledge that you are sharing. It is so liberating. You are an angel sent to deliver us out of the knowledgeless place I have been for years. I’ve read so many books over the years and watched dvd’s by motivational speakers and tried to implement their teachings but to no avail but with following your principles I am now pain free after years of pain. I’ve felt a shift inside which I can’t explain. My speech has changed dramatically. The way I say things has changed course. I’m very precious now and state my intentions, hopes and desires with clarity. My whole life is changing and improving daily. I wish this had happened earlier in life but I’m grateful that someone has opened my eyes ears and spirit. Thank you H for everything that you share and God bless your days forever. Lots love Charmaine xxxx


It is because of this video that I got into tapping, Hinarera!! You are amazing!!




i just completed the tapping for “I cant afford it”

It was so emotional

SO historical!

and my anxiety, worry, whatever it was has truly been eradicated in this moment

I am writing through my tears

thank you!

Honestly, I really needed that! I’m so excited to move forward.

I feel lighter and happier and like you said it is all energy



One of my ‪#‎40daymanifest‬ desires are coming along well…my ‪#‎no‬ 4.I have realesed 10kgs and am fitter and stronger in my upper body….to date I have released 6kgs thus far in 8days whilst actioning. #no.5.I have detoxed my body and abstaining from sugar and diary processed products.I no longer need to be on my steroid medication…….to date…I have maintained a juice feast/detox these last 8days and plan to do so till the end of this #40daymanifest challenge and am down from two tablet to 1/2 tablet….

Feeling pumped,motivated and inspired to carry on with this transformation

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!

Jo Ryan


Doing this with Hinarera,I’m new to this manifesting,law of attraction,EFT,but boy!!what an amazing journey I’m on of self discovery as a co creator on this planet,like never before,been in this Amazing gospel of Jesus Christ 18yrs,and love how my Savior has brought so much enlightenment to me through many wonderful children of his and the talents and gifts they have been given and they have generously shared them with me,how blest am I.Check out her programms,they are inspired,they are fun and they work!!!I’m a developing living testimony of that!!xox


I’ve been reading your 20 rituals book, it’s so good. Thank you for being you! I had to laugh because I thought I was completely alone suggesting to my clients to sing Count your blessings out loud. That is how I made it through my last pregnancy! You have some very beneficial, beautiful suggestions. I used to homeschool my kiddos and I am an EFT Practitioner as well. Thank you for inspiring me!


Utah, U.S.A


So there you have it!

If you want in on CREATORIE, then we have spaces for those interested in taking their lives the next level!














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