The “POO’ That Happened!

So…I’m on dial up internet! Hahahahah!!! (A little excessive in the usage this month)

Yep…and when I was trying to mimic the sound that dial up internet used to make, to my teenagers, they looked at me like I was crazy! They’ve never experienced dial up before!

So…I woke up to DIAL UP and ARGHHHH….

Ok…not first-world problems….

As an Online Business Owner, I really cannot afford to have Dial Up Internet!

With internet, I needed to:

  • Add content to a program I am running!
  • Create some content for another program I am releasing.
  • Update a Landing Page
  • Update a Lead Magnet

Blah, blah, blubber, blubber

So…NO INTERNET, basically….DIAL UP is NOT INTERNET! hahahaha…

Long story very short (I know…’ll love me for this!)

As a result of what I thought was a POO situation, I was able to do and attract the following:

  • Get out of the house with my babies and play in the sand (doodle in the sand).  So awesome…my artist girl, Sequoia absolutely adored our time doodling .

beach artbeach art 1beach art 2

  • See our favourite baby (a friends baby whom we have adopted as our own…hahahahaha..).


  • Work more on my Vision/Coloring Book due to be released around September.

VB Art VB Art1

  • I joined a Heart-Centred, Soul Driven Entrepreneurs FB group last night, uploaded some of my Vision Book images and got a whopping 200 likes and 50 comments (to date).
  • I got some sales on my ZENFIRMATIONS as a result of sharing my newest drawings I did.
  • I connected with a heap of people who want to know more about my drawing
  • Asked by a woman to be interviewed about my art.
  • Asked by another woman who helps publish books, to possibly use my art for a client.
  • Asked by another woman if she could used my art in some workbooks she is creating!


CHEERS TO POO STUFF that is not really POO in the end, and is BIGGER than we think!

Don’t ever think STUFF IS POO!  You’ll be eating your own words!


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VB Art1

Thanks so much!

Hinarera (Vision and Action Coach)




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