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I am currently teaching a Short Course on the Law of Attraction and Manifesting Mastery.

Here’s the thing:  I believe we DON’T ATTRACT every negative experience and negative person into our lives!  That’s a have! AND I LOVE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

I do believe however, that if we are not practicing the beautiful principles of the Law, that certain ‘bleh’ experiences and people will remain in our lives….until we learn the ‘experience’ or the ‘lesson’ at hand.

That is a given! We need it! We grow from it! We are refined by it! We build character with it!
THIS IS THE TYPE of OPPOSITION I believe we “Don’t ” attract.  It is the type that we NEED to enable us to GROW!

Here’s how I think we will KNOW if we are NOT ATTRACTING it:

-We are living in a place of acceptance and allowance
-We are not harboring ill will toward anyone or anything
-We are doing the best we can to be clean and beautiful in our THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS
-OUR VIBRATION is high and fast in the lead up

When OPPOSITION does present itself, we are in a place to ACCEPT, ALLOW and EMBRACE! We don’t REACT, FIGHT BACK or try to AVOID it…it will come and it will go….in it’s own due time!

If you try to pursue a life FREE from NEGATIVE experiences and people, you will soon find yourself disappointed and somewhat depressed.

As one of my favourite authors says “Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”

Another of my favourite authors/speaker’s says “There are drawbacks to every benefit & benefits to every drawback, They cannot exist without one another – like two ends of a magnet.” -Dr Demartini

If my LIFE were VOID of all my challenges, I would not be the person I am today.

What I Learned and Who I Became After the Death of My Dad

My Dad died at the age of 43 from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Brain Cancer).  I was 19, my sisters were 13, 7 and 7 (twins).

Dad!He is the kindest man I’ve EVER known. He was a faithful follower of God at the end of his life and had transformed his life in AMAZING WAYS to walk with God with such diligence and righteousness (He was a bishop when he died).

He was so knowledgeable and was always passing on gems of knowledge to me, especially regard Health and Well being.  He quipped me for using Hairspray and we NEVER had a microwave in our house because of his dislike for radiation.

He left our young family….BUT HE LEFT MORE THAN THAT!


I went on to research and learn all about Cancer, it’s causes, its remedies (yes…there are remedies).  I was determined I would not be in the same shoes as he was at his age (I’m 43 next year).

I went on to pursue the Raw Food Diet and became a Raw Food Coach.   I became an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner because I discovered the the majority of our diseases stem from our emotions and thoughts, NOT JUST OUR FOOD!

I have helped hundreds of people in my quest to share my knowledge of WELLNESS with them….ALL BECAUSE OF THE DEATH OF MY DAD!

And with that…..I THANK YOU DAD!


Ahhhh…the year that WAS and thankfully will never be again! Lol!

Read all about it HERE!

Here’s another POST on it!

It was an ‘AMAZING’ year (sarcastic), but from that I went on to create:

  • A number of Online Businesses
  • An Amazon Book
  • A number of products that help transform the lives of people
  • A Coaching Business

If this had not happened, ….well….I’d probably be in bed asleep as we speak! Lol!

So there you go!

Life dishes out amazing experiences. Some Good. Some Crap!  My desire is to embrace them all as best I can….I help people along the way do the same thing!

Have a fabulous Day!






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