It upset me that Easter Eggs started to rear their ugly heads in January of this year.  If we ever wanted to question whether commercialism relating to Easter was  for real, then I think having easter eggs available 3 months before the celebration itself is proof enough.

Don’t get me wrong! I love easter eggs, in particular, the large marshmallow ones  cadbury make (yeah…sorry….I don’t know how to make RAW MARSHMALLOW yet!).  But, teaching our children the real meaning of these celebrations can be sometimes like traipsing uphill, when there’s so much colour, junk food and advertising that stimulate their senses.


I was able to ask a class full of children on Sunday at church what Easter really means, and was so proud to hear their responses:

“It’s about Jesus dying!”

“It’s about Jesus’ birth!” (That was from a 6 year old I think)

“It’s about Jesus’ coming to life!”

“It’s about Easter Eggs!” (After which a boy said, that the eggs symbolize NEW LIFE)


Jesus Christ, born over 2000 years ago, it seems, has had so much impact upon the people of the world that two of the biggest HOLIDAYS, are celebrated because of Him, yet, this idea seems to have been lost amid commercialism.

It took me a long time to really understand the atonement (actually, I still don’t understand it), yet it’s not hard to teach my children that Jesus died, was buried and took up His life again. When we learn WHY He did this, then we start to feel a deep reverence of His love for us.

Now, I don’t write this in an attempt to CONVERT.  I write, because, my life is motivated by my testimony of Him.  I don’t always express this, but this week gives me a chance to.

I have been a Christian all my life, and although this does not make me exempt from trials and challenges, my belief in Him sure makes these little ‘interruptions’ a lot easier to handle.


Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why am I here? Where am I going? Where did I come from?  Do we really see the bigger picture or are we just living the ‘daily grind’, making ends meet and looking forward to a new day where the troubles of today will be lost in the past.

Whether or not they knew it, the greats such as Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa and even, Steve Jobs (love his work), had a purpose in their lives.  Some people work to find their purpose, yet, I believe our PURPOSE can be discovered.

As members of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are taught the answers to those 3 key questions above.

And as women of the world, we also, whether we know it or not, are born at this particular time, for a particular reason and for a particular people.

HE can help us CEMENT our PURPOSE

I believe that the ‘greats’ were appointed before they were born to bring so much greatness into the world.  And so it can be with us.

Our purpose may be to bring up our children to be GREAT….and not necessarily for us to be great (although doing such a task would make us great!)  I’m sure the MOTHERS of Mother Teresa, Ghandi and Steve Jobs had a hand in their greatness.

What if their mothers were the most horrible people, in the eyes of the children?  Then their purpose was still set.  We read of so many, many wonderful people who were not bought up in the best of circumstances, but as a RESULT of them, they continued on to be great.

Anyway, back to the MEANING OF EASTER.

I would have to write a book about my feelings toward the Savior, Jesus Christ, so I’ll leave you in the hands of someone who can express it more succinctly than I.

Note the words:



HE is the REASON for the SEASON

May your EASTER have as much meaning in your life, as it does for many others around the world who RECEIVE PROFOUND PEACE!

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