So you know a little about my TWIN SISTERS who were meant to me Gordon Junior! Lol!
Well, I share this story with you for 2 reasons.
They both (of course) turn the big 30 tomorrow!  Well….it’s kinda sad because, I”m NOT going to be there with them.
Adiel, the eldest of the two, lives 1500km from me in Sydney.
Rachel, lives over 4000km from me in Perth! :( (Sad Face!)
 As they lived so far away, I was hoping you’d help me out!
When I share either images or a video of them on my FB fanpage, I was hoping you’d comment and send them your well wishes as well.  I want to share something really special and I’m hoping all your wishes will make them feel like I cared and like I’m there!
I’ll send out another email later on tonight to remind you….and if you are not already connected to my FB page (it’s a fanpage that you just LIKE), then will you pretty please LIKE it here!  
I am using this Pregnancy as an analogy.  It represents your Journey to Freedom.
It represents you:
  • wanting to get out of the Rat Race.
  • feeling like you have more to contribute than a Mediocre Existence.
  • lacking the know-how to starting and pursuing a business, a business that provides Passion, Inspiration and Freedom.  But mostly, JOY! You want to Love what you do and Do what you love.
  • running from one shiny object to another, chasing different ventures, but they’ve never been sustainable, because you’ve lacked passion.
A Joy, Transformational Business that you CREATE is like Pregnancy!
Begins with your MIND PREPARATION.  Understanding the Laws of the universe and how they relate to your business.
Creating Your Vision for your Life and Your Business
Brainstorming Your Real Passion…and it’s not money…it’s your CALLING
Creating your New Transformational Business based on your Passion.
Learning about MONEY and it’s REAL MEANING.
Creating your Business Vision….and the Correct Steps to Achieving your Vision.
First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester and Birth
Each include Fundamentals to the Growth of your Business, Creating Your Products, Ways of Delivering your products and Monetizing them!
I actually relate the Toxemia that my Mum got, to the PROTECTION OF YOUR THOUGHTS whilst your run your business.  TOXIC THOUGHTS and THOUGH PATTERNS, will ruin your business faster than a toupee in a hurricane!!
This part of the journey could relate to the different surprises that pop up unexpectedly and your ability to handle then graciously!
Either way, the BIRTH ANALOGY relates to YOUR NEW JOY BUSINESS!
I thought it was pretty cool!
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Thank you!
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