So from the previous post, I share with you how PREGNANCY is similar to the CONCEPTION of your Fabulous Joy Business, or business where you Do What You Love and Love What you Do!
The story continues!
The Pregnancy
So while Mum was carrying this baby, we, as a family, start to create a name for this baby boy!  Yes! We already decided that as we had 2 girls, that it was just expected that we would be having a boy.  We decided on a name together, Gordon Junior, after my Dad who was equally ecstatic.
Everything seemed normal until at 6 months
I don’t remember the reason why Mum needed a scan, but we all went in with her.  It seems late in a pregnancy to have a scan, but here’s what happened…..
The Scan Reveals…….
I was present at the scan.  I was only 12.
Everything seemed normal as the sonographer performed the ultrasound and if I remember correctly the doctor was present.  I know this because out of the blue, the doctor announced “there’s one head!”
We all look at him! One head?
“Oh…there’s the other head!!!” he exclaims, indirectly announcing that Mum was expecting TWINS!!!
Dad, by this stage was jumping over toward Mum exclaiming “see if there’s another head!” Hahahaha! Oh believe it! I remember it!
Well, there you have it!  For some reason, the doctor thought we already knew and from that moment, our lives changed forever! And this was only 2 months before we had the twins!
Premature Delivery At 8 Months

During the pregnancy, Mum got, what was known at that time as Toxemia.  She had been ‘nesting’ (another word for cleaning profusely around the house), preparing for this baby and was eventually admitted into hospital.
It was then that she was told that one of the twins were not feeding well and was distressed.  She would need to birth them.
And so she did!
First my sister Adiel and then my sister Rachel! Not at all a single baby boy!
What a fantastic addition to our family!
And guess what??
This happened 30 years ago, this Saturday (6th June)!
There’s a reason why I share this family story with you……but you’ll have to wait…for Part 3!
Until then!
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