Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s.

Synchronicities are abound everywhere!

We all experience them – those strange coincidences that make us take note and think “wow,  what are the odds of that happening!” Sometimes they mark a significant change in the direction of our lives, but others times there doesn’t seem to be any meaning or point to them at all.

My take on these synchronicity moments differ to others.  In my belief system, He intervenes when and where necessary according to His will and sometimes ours.  He knows what we are in need of and if we just ASK, as the scriptures state, why not receive answers to our prayers and queries?

When we take on board this view, we live our lives with more GRATITUDE for Him and His guidance in our daily journey.

Trying to weave my way around website creation, blogs, registering a domain name and hosting, I found myself overwhelmed with cyber jargon and confusion.  I took upon myself to ask Him for help.  Why not?  I believe I am following the path He has led me to, so why can’t I receive help in my business?

I used to think that anything outside the realm of spirituality, was something that I had to figure out myself.

BUT, have we entertained the thought that, EVERY SINGLE THING WE DO IN OUR LIVES, has a spiritual meaning?  Our education, employment, our leisure activities, our travel, raising our children, housekeeping, study of things deemed temporal (geography, geology, physiology, mental health, mathematics etc).  Are these not all a part of Him, who created all?

When I came to this realization, I understood how I could have moment-to-moment guidance from the Spirit.  And if this be the case, there is no such thing as SYNCHRONICITY, but pure, crystal-clear direction from the Spirit of the Lord.

He can, and will guide us, if  we are willing to accept His help and humble ourselves to just ASK.

Back to my experience of business overwhelm, I asked and I received, in the form of a wonderful man from England who has offered to assist me in whatever way he can and I need.  This happened within 24 hours.

However, there is a lot to do on our part…but that’s another post!

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