I believe there’s been a SHIFT in what the SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) does …… home!  Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, I remember the talk  the daily soap opera such as The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of our Lives.  Do you remember?  Just writing this, I can still remember the theme song!  I could probably rattle off the names of the actors if I tried!

I now believe that MOTHERS WORKING FROM HOME is the new SOAP-OPERA-FIX!

I haven’t  heard of anyone even resembling a person fixed on the daily soap operas!

Many women have decided the juggling motherhood and business would be something to look into, and have found themselves in this world of constant busyness, albeit, worthy and worthwhile!

So why have they decided to take on this GRAND TASK and why would YOU even want to consider such a feat?

  • MONEY.  Usually, want of more!
  • Change of life situation, such as, a mother now find herself SINGLE and the new BREADWINNER
  • Desire to BE YOUR OWN BOSS
  • Both husband and wife are sick of the daily commute (of one or the other)
  • Health Issues
  • Tired of Employment Politics
  • Have more time with family/children
  • Maternity Leave has lapsed and Mamma has realized her true worth has a mother can be felt more if she remained home with her baby
  • Mothers have discovered they have WORTH as BUSINESSWOMEN
  • Self-respect, self-worth, self-discovery, self-identity, self-development and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT

I’m sure there are a dozen more reasons why this would occur but let me share this with you:

Today’s at-home mom is launching an at-home business

There are 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, says the Center for Women’s Business Research. No firm statistics exist on how many are run by stay-at-home moms, but it stands to reason that the percentage is increasing in the Wi-Fi age.

“Over 90 percent of the moms we’ve interviewed said the desire for family flexibility is the number-one reason they work from home,” says Ellen Parlapiano, co-founder of “Another big change we’ve seen in the past 15 years is acceptance. In the past, moms have been reluctant to tell clients they work from home. Now it’s commonplace, even respectable.”

Mom-owned businesses, which used to be heavy on arts and crafts, now run the professional gamut, says Parlapiano: Web design, attorney, marketing guru, social media coaching, you name it.


Maybe a more true-to-life image might bring more awareness to those considering this! LOL!


For whatever reason you are currently working from home or decide to work from home, the WHY is so significant and I believe will determine your length of  stay in a HOME BUSINESS.  Of the reasons noted above (and many more), some have more DEPTH and STICKABILITY, whilst others can be fleeting and a woman will soon find herself floundering or giving up ‘the dream’ and rejoining the workforce (of the soap-opera-club!).


It’s no secret in my VERY, VERY FIRST VENTURE that I made $700 in one day selling my ART from a 3X3m Market Stall four years ago!

The days leading up to that, I was so nervous and my worst ENEMY (my Natural Man Enemy or NME) was having a ball sharing a few insights which I was starting to believe:

  • “No one will like your art!”
  • “You will come home with it all, so what a waste of time that will be!”
  • “There are not enough cultural people in the area who are interested in Maori Art!”
  • “You’re charging too much!”
  • “People go to markets to get a bargain, not buy at your prices!”

Oh, that NME of mine was doing such a great job! Lucky for me, I had a business-savvy friend who kept pushing me and saw my WORTH.

She noticed that as I was selling, my posture changed, my countenance beamed and I was unstoppable!

Now, my WHY at the time, was not loaded with VALUE! Hubby had lost his job, so it was a NECESSITY! BUT, the WHY changed over time as I continued working from home (no longer in the ART BUSINESS however)

IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A CRASH COURSE IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! I forgot who told me this, but it has proved to be true, time and time again!

So if the above is true, then my WHY is summed up in one phrase:

I WORK FROM HOME BECAUSE THE EFFECTS ARE HOLISTIC.  When I experience HOLISTIC HARMONY as a woman, my ability to give back to my family expands.

Hahahahaa…..yeah, it’s a LOADED STATEMENT!

Let me expand on this…..

Anything that is HOLISTIC takes into account the social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a WHOLE.  It his case, I am the WHOLE and working from home for me, addresses all these aspects.  Holistic Health is so important.


  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Emotional Health

  • Social Health

  • Spiritual Health




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