• Day 18 on Raw Food (Ep.20 RF) Core beliefs and Thoughts

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 I discuss Core Beliefs and Thought Patterns. EFT: The cause of all Negative Emotion, is a disruption

  • Day 17 on Raw Food (Ep.19 RF) Lost 6cm from hip area!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Released 6cm from my hips.

  • Day 16 on Raw Food (Ep.18 RF) 4.5kg released in 13 days!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 It’s no longer a challenge and now a JOURNEY. CORRECTION: 4.5 kg lost in 13 days, not

  • Day 15 on Raw Food (Ep.17 RF) IDEAL SELF TAP! Try it!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 EFT tapping, POWER TAP This tap helps you to take into your system what you want to

  • Day 14 Blooper (Ep.16 RF)

    hinareralambert.com January 2010

  • Day 14 on Raw Food (Ep.15 RF) Vibrations!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Super smoothie ingredients. We eat Mock Tuna. I discuss eating socially again and my view from a

  • Day 13 on Raw Food (Ep.14 RF) RF and Spirituality

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 The connection between RF and Spirituality. Living food has energy. RF has the ability to increase our

  • Day 12 on Raw Food (Ep.13 RF) Lost 3.5kg! CRAVINGS!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 I start using my webcam. Sorry for the poor quality, but my camera was producing a yellow

  • Day 11 on Raw Food (Ep.12 RF) Tastebuds are heightened!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 I purchase cacao butter, cacao, agave, dulse flakes, macca, tahini to use in our gourmet recipes. MY

  • Day 9 on Raw Food (Ep.11 RF) Husband and Children

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 My husband and his role in my 100% RF challenge! It is a lot easier with family

  • If I knew then what I know now!

    If I knew then what I know now!

    Why is it that the majority of us, generation x’ers, decide that we will go through 30-40 years of our lives before we decide to knuckle down and find more purpose for us and our place on this earth?  Maybe, it is the significance of the number 40 as outlined in […]

  • Day 8 and 10 on Raw Food (Ep.10 RF) EFT on Feeling Great!

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 I expand on ‘dinner invites.’ We do a round of tapping, so follow along with me and

  • Day 7 on Raw Food (Ep. 9 RF) LOVE and ACCEPTANCE

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 At this stage in my journey, I value relationships, so after an invite to dinner (where there

  • Day 6 on Raw Food (Ep.8 RF) GREEN SMOOTHIES

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Green smoothies! In my opinion, the easiest way to change one’s diet and curb those carb cravings.

  • Day 5 on Raw Food (Ep. 7 RF) INTRO to EFT

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Here I give you an introduction to EFT and I show you the Tapping Points

  • Youtube Videos

    Youtube Videos

    It’s quite an experience posting your first youtube video.  I did this back in September 2010 and it was like I was putting myself out to the entire world (which, in effect, I did). I am not one to do this, yet, as I learn of things that bring happiness […]

  • Day 4 on Raw Food (Ep.6 RF) Mind/Body Connection

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Experiencing detox: lethargy and headache (which is my classic detox symptom). Stiff neck still there as a

  • Day 3 on Raw Food (Ep.5 RF) Still detoxing! HEADACHE

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 Feeling a little lethargic from my detox. Headaches are ‘my’ detox symptom. We had salad with raw

  • Day 2 on Raw Food (Ep.4 RF) Detox Symptoms

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 This is my second day on 100% Raw Food. Shooting videos of your journey is quite motivating

  • Day 1 on Raw Food (Ep.3 RF)

    hinareralambert.com January 2010 I am an amateur at this! This is my very first personal video! It was scary, yet,

  • What a Raw Food family keeps in the fridge (Ep.2 RF)

    hinareralambert.com September, 2010 Here I shoot a video of what our family of 7 keep in our fridges! It’s mouthwatering

  • My Raw Food Journey from 2005 to 2010 (Ep.1 Raw Food)

    hinareralambert.com September 2010 This is the first youtube video I posted in September 2010. Posting your first youtube video is

  • What on earth is a WAHM? And what exactly is this blog about?

    What on earth is a WAHM? And what exactly is this blog about?

    So I have been blogging over a week now and I have to say I am really enjoying it.  I have grown to love the written word and seem to express more when I am writing. You may be wondering (those of you who are well-educated in the blogosphere), what […]

  • My Favourite Authors so far!

    My Favourite Authors so far!

    So, I’m still navigating my way around WordPress, and I’m sure there’s a place to put my Favourites, but I’ll just post it anyway! So here are the authors and the books I have read…….I read about 2-3 books at the same time! RICHARD GERBER: VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE (MY FAVOURITE!) Edward […]

  • Balance


    I have to work at balance! Wife and Mother of 5 inquisitive beings Home Educating my children Building an Online Business My church responsibility as leader of 12-13 year-old young women Keeping house So one would wonder…why even try? I’ll tell you why!  Because I have something to share that’s […]

  • Ask and ye shall receive!

    Ask and ye shall receive!

    So, having a little difficulty making my way through kajabi (I think it’s for those who are a little advanced technically), I prayed for help.  I gave my situation and what I wanted to achieve and voila!  I think I have found what I am looking for! It seems to […]

  • Creating Online Products

    Creating Online Products

    So that’s what I am doing! And it is very ‘fascinating’, my word for FRUSTRATING! Honestly, as soon as I get on top of this internet thing, I am seriously going to teach women how to do it! It’s not the products I’m having trouble with, they are easy, because […]

  • MORE really is MORE!

    Wayne Dyer

    So this seems to contradict my previous post, so I’ll be brief: The more I serve others, the more fulfillment I have in my life. The more I live in the present moment, the more gratitude I have for EVERYTHING in my life, and not focus on the past or […]

  • LESS really is MORE

    LESS really is MORE

    Oh, to have learnt this earlier in my life, however, it may not have been the right time I guess.  I have learnt that it isn’t until we are ready to practice a new concept in our lives that it will become easier.  PRESENT MOMENT living is such a powerful […]

  • Adversity and It’s Equivalent or Greater Benefits

    Adversity and It’s Equivalent or Greater Benefits

    Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill states:  ”Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”  If this were true, then we would forever view our failures, trials and adversities and lessons, opportunities and learning experiences.  How do you view these experiences in your life? What may appear to be […]

  • Business? I’m already busy! It’s called BUSYNESS!

    Business?  I’m already busy!  It’s called BUSYNESS!

    So, my blog mentions business.  What is it exactly that I do you might ask. Well, lets go back to the beginning shall we? I thought, when I started homeschooling 6 years ago, that, that would be the only thing that would take up my day and mental space.  I […]

  • Salt Water Flush

    Salt Water Flush

    Even before I was ready to blog this morning, I couldn’t due to my ‘bathroom’ activities. I do the Salt Water Flush as often as I feel I need to.  For the last 6 months, our lives have been less than normal, with moving interstate, living with my sister for […]

  • Why blog?

    Why blog?

    There is so much wonder out in the world.  I have been on a journey, which even those close to me are not aware of.  They have probably seen subtle changes in my lifestyle, my behavior, my demeanor, I’m not sure, yet I think there is more to this journey […]

  • So it’s time to FACE THE FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!

    So it’s time to FACE THE FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!

    I have attempted a number of blogs over the past few years.  My journey has been so diverse that I felt  each aspect of my life needed a different blog!  Then, things started to pick up pace; my awareness of what I love, my dreams and what drives me. This […]

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