If you didn’t know….I”m the eldest of 4, with 6 years between us all!
I remember back in 1984 when my Mum announced to my sister and I that she was pregnant…we were excited!
I think about before she fell pregnant……
She was fit and active.  When I was born, she was a Basketball rep!
Our family were pretty healthy, thanks to Mum and her conscious effort to provide healthy food.
So her body in a way, was prepared for when she finally conceived.
Pre-Conception of Your JOY Business Idea
Preparing to be pregnant with child is like the beginnings of YOU thinking “there’s something out there for me” or “there’s more to this life that just living the RAT RACE” or “I have something more to contribute.  I have more inside me than what I’m currently doing!”
However, before you even think of a Business Idea, there’s a little preparation that needs to take place.
Many people miss these “Pre-Conception” Fundamentals and jump from one thing to another, pretty much, chasing the money instead of chasing the PASSION.  It is in your PASSION, that you will attract your MONEY.
There needs to be:
  • Your WHY or WHY are you doing this?
  • Are you Mentally Prepared?  It’s easy to be, with the right tools and strategies.
  • Creating a VISION for your LIFE and how your business will manifest your Ultimate Vision ( I have a Magnificent Life Template..download it for your personal use)
  • Understanding of the power of the MIND….because it is THIS that will ultimately get you through those tough days.
  • Knowledge of the Law of Attraction and how THIS law will make your business easier and less overwhelming to run.
  • The Power of Belief: A firm belief in yourself will make running your Dream Business a breeze.
  • The Correct way to use your THOUGHTS.
  • The Correct way to use your WORDS.
  • What is Manifesting and How to Manifest What you need for your business…without even trying!
and more…..
and you thought all you needed was a Business Plan! Lol!
It is so exciting when you really understand how easy it is to Create Your Own Joy Business! By Joy Business I mean where you are at a place of DOING WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVING WHAT YOU DO!
Believe me! I jumped from one thing to another for 7 years, before facing what was in front of me the whole time…but thinking no-one would be interested in what I do.  Oh how wrong I was! I chased the money instead of my Heart-Centred JOY Business, which is teaching People how to Create a Vision for their Life and Helping New Entrepreneurs Action Their True Callings in Business.
Once you get this step…..it’s just plain-sailing!
I run my business from home, homeschooling my 5 children!  If I can do it….anybody can!  So can you!
All it takes is a DREAM….YOUR VISION!
Watch for Part 2 of this story…..we get a surprise….unexpected! Crazy Unexpected!
P.S Don’t forget to download the Magnificent Life Template for your use and begin now to create your Magnificent Life
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