So, I may have shared this ENTREPRENEURIAL story before, but there’s no harm in sharing again!

I’m Hinarera, (NZ Maori for Cinderella)

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I am:

  • A Daughter of God
  • A Wife to Ron
  • A Mother to 5 precious babies (6-15yrs) whom I homeschool
  • An Online Entrepreneur for the last 5 years
  • Passionate about the Laws of the Universe
  • Passionate about Health and Wellness (which also includes the odd chocolate and donut here and there!  That’s wellness! Enjoy food!)
  • An artist
  • A Vision and Action Coach (I help people Manifest more in their lives)
  • Passionate about EXPLORING with my FAMILY!
  • Perfectly IMPERFECT!

Back in 2008 we had what I call a FASCINATING YEAR!

  • We burnt down a garage on our property that we were renting. The garage housed the landlord’s 1973 Holden Monaro…….hahahahah…I know…crazy!
  • We lost our main source of income when my husband lost his job.
  • I broke my foot soon after husband lost his job
  • I then got my creative fingers on and started painting art pieces to sell at a local market (made $700 the first day).  I went to the market in crutches, because my foot was in a cast! Lol!
  • We went through court for the burning of the garage ‘thing!’  Came out unscathed, didn’t have to pay a cent! There was a clause in the rental agreement that let us off!
  • We had our first and only miscarriage!


That was one crazy year!  But I wouldn’t trade it for all the gold in the world!

As a result of that year:

  • I went on to becoming an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming….and helped get rid of my husband’s daily chocolate addiction in 7 minutes!  When he thinks of this particular chocolate, he feels like vomitting!
  • Became a Raw Food Coach after going through my own RAW FOOD JOURNEY


  • Started creating Passive Income with my online courses (to date I have 6 streams of income)
  • Was and still is mentored by amazing International Business Coaches
  • Created a MINDSET that I can do anything I set my mind and heart to!
  • Connected with amazing Entrepreneurs that have assisted me on my journey

You see, prior to this FASCINATING YEAR, I was still happy.  I was at home, homeschooling my children and just going about my day doing what I loved.

NOW, I am still happy and I have a Business to boot!

People think I’m a Super Woman!  I think I’m a Crazy Woman! Lol!

There’s nothing SUPER about it.  It’s about doing things I love and that means CREATING!

It’s been a crazy, fabulous, roller-coaster of a journey!

I’ve loved every minute of it….and the ‘stinky’ parts, I’ve loved afterwards! hahahaha!

THAT IS MY ENTREPRENEURIAL STORY! (Someone really should’ve created a shorter version of the word, Entrepreneur!)

Everyone has one!











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