My PARTING GIFTS to you as I quit my Vision Coaching!

As a Raw Food Coach and Vision Coach over the last 6 years, I’ve done what I never thought I would do.

It’s been such an amazing journey, one that started out with the ultimate of fears, doubts and lack of faith….BIG TIME!

I never thought that I would create what I did and accomplish what I did during this time!

BUT….the biggest benefit of all throughout this ‘Life Training’ as been a HUGE CHANGE IN MY MINDSET!

I discovered that the ONE THING that holds me back and ANYONE for that matter is our MINDS!

I went from worrying about finances, fears, doubts and things that bascially I PREDICTED….that never happened! Hahahahaha!

We spend so much time worrying about things that actually never happen, that they actually never happen and we just DON’T START ANYTHING!



I released so many MONEY BLOCKS that I had……and boy…that was an eye opener!

I released the ideas I had about my BODY and what a perfect body LOOKS like and focused on what a great body FEELS LIKE!

I discovered that GOAL SETTING sucked and MANIFESTING DESIRES with the help of my God worked so much better for me!

Then finally…to this day….I discovered that if I don’t govern my life with JOY, then my life with be full of  STRIFE….where I STRIVE, SURVIVE and LEARN SUCCESS by HARD SLOG and HARD WORK!  Bleh….what a bore!  What a waste of my life!

Here are the programs I am offering as a HUGE DISCOUNT …….75% off for the next few days!


ME Offer 2016

ME Offer 2016 1

ME Offer 20162

The Ultimate Vision Board Blueprint

ME Offer 2016

What They’ve Said About the PILOT Vision Board Blueprint program…..

I’m going to use (this) to resolve issues I’ve held on to since childhood then move forward from there. I’m so grateful for the wonderful journey you are taking me on.

I love that everything I am learning and practicing is not only making an impact on my specific goal but that I feel overall more calm and pulled together! It’s amazing what you can do when your overarching outlook has improved

This is truly awesome thank you! I feel like my once ‘thinking out of the square’ brain has been rebooted for the better after being dormant so long in the dream block. I love the worksheets and it didn’t take long until my true goal came into fruition with so much possibilities on why I can make my dream viable. …..From wanting to start my own business I have realised from following your steps that there is a lot of money to be made. I’m thriving with excitement, passion and pure potential to starting my dream goal. I can’t thank you enough for pulling me out of a ditch I thought was impossible but in turn will prove to be rewarding in many ways than 1. I look forward to the next couple of days. Bless you Hinarera-

Wow—just finished day 1 and let me tell you how much lighter and relaxed I feel! That’s incredible! I can see why you call it “weird” but it does work! Amazing! Thanks H!! I’m loving this program!


I feel like you’ve fill in the gap- the aha moment occurred and made sense as to why some things I was wanting to manifest were and others weren’t.  (This) is something I’ve heard about – but your video in particular was great – it explained it through actually doing it with me – made a lot more sense.  Also looking at systems made sense to me too.


CONTENTS of the Ultimate Vision Board Blueprint

Main Menu

What is Included in the Vision Book (Vision Book Download)

Module 1: What Do You Want? Do You Know?

Module 2: Start Creating Your G.O.A.L.S ( G.O.A.L.S Workbook Download)

Module 3: The UVBB System

Module 4: Create Your BIG WHY!


Module 6: Create your Daily RICH-uals!

Module 7: Create Your POWER QUESTIONS!

Module 8: Create Your VISION PAGES


Money Excuses Eradicator

ME Offer 2016 1


  • Excuse Eradicator Introduction

  • #1 EFT VIDEO,  I Can’t Afford It, After-Tapping, Create Your Desire

  • #2 I’ll Just Wait For Things To Get Better

  • #3 It’s Too Risky

  • #4 I don’t Have the Education or Qualifications to be Wealthy

  • #5  I Come from a Poor Family!  It’s in my History to be Poor!  (PART 1)

  • #5  I Come from a Poor Family!  It’s in my History to be Poor!  (PART 2)

  • #6  The Cost of Living is Too High! I’ll never get ahead!

  • #7  I’m not Good at Saving Money!

  • #8  Money is Not Spiritual and I’ll Jeopardize my Relationship with God if Iwere Rich!

  • #9  I’m Not Prepared to Work Hard and Long Hours!

  • #10  It Takes Money to Make Money

  • #11 The Rich Are Too Snobby! I don’t want to be Snobby!


  • Tapping Tips

  • #12 I don’t know where to start!

  • #13 Wanting More Money is Greedy

  • #14 There’s Not Enough to go around! The Rich have it all anyway!

  • #15 It will be too hard!

  • #16 It’s Too Scary

  • #17 What will people think of me?

  • #18 I’m Too Old!

  • #19 I’ve Never Done this Before!

  • #20 It Will Take Too Long!

  • Excuse Eradicator Conclusion, Last Instructions and FABULOUS BONUS

The 40-Day TransRAWmation Beginners Program

ME Offer 20162


What They’ve Said About the 40-Day TransRAWmation program…..


TESTIMONIAL 11-13-page-0

  • I began the raw programme on Nov 26th weighing 131.4kg .  It is now February the 16th and I weigh 105kg.
  • It is day 16 for me.  My  metabolism is high & flushing my system out a fw times a day. Ive lost another kg & 2 inches off my body,
  • RAW will do it all and more for your Colon,,go 100% for a week on RAW nothing else and i guarantee yr insides will love you for it!! all toxins will be flushed on the RAW deal!
  • On week 4 lost 8 kg so far and feeling great.
  • 20kgs in 30 days GONE!!
  • I am feeling pretty fantastic! I feel that in my face I am looking (a little) younger!
  • Before the challenge, I felt bloated, couldn’t fit any of my clothes and had asthma. Joe suffered indigestion, lactose intolerance and sore stomachs, we think were from being gluten intolerant. 
Eating RAW has changed my life. I no longer think about food in the same way, and am committed to eating more RAW everyday. My health, spirituality and outlook is so much more positive. Eating raw has brought me to LIFE. Thank you so much H!M.M in Wellington,NZThis program works!A.P in NSW,AustraliaDay 5 and I amdown4kgs! Loving my smoothies and feeling way better and I think my body is smiling on the inside!E.H in NSW,AustraliaDay 5! Down 5 pounds!  Never hungry (and I’ve been noshing constantly).A.L in Texas, USA(First week) ‘Partner’ lost 3kg and I lost 2kg.  I’ve done many diets in my life and I’ve never lost this much weigh in the first week!

    I’ve experience more positive feelings while eating this way than I have eating any other way.

    M.M in Wellington, NZ

    All up 30+kgs,(weight loss) when on the 30 day RAW FOOD challenge-20kgs in 30 days,,thats where i lost the most weight fast with no side effects or withdrawal symptoms,,the prog works!

    If i can do this anyone can!! RAW is the way to go!


 The MIND/BODY/SOUL Package was originally $1997 but is NOW reduced 75% to $497

Or if you choose you can pay in 2 easy instalments of $250 a month!




$250 NOW





$497 Full Price

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