The Prosperity Power Coloring Book has been downloaded by beautiful people who are ready to color their way to relaxation and subconscious power!
Here are 4 reasons you should download it now!
  1. Because it’s your very own PDF, you can actually download it more than once! There are 12 Coloring pages!  You can download as often as you wish!  It’s not a printed book (yet), and so whilst a printed book may be the same price for more pages, you can actually download and print the PROSPERITY POWER COLORING BOOK  seventy times seven times if you wish!  Print it for your husband, wife, children!    It’s yours and you only need to purchase it once!  (Note: If you wouldn’t mind sharing the link with your friends so they can download it themselves, I would really appreciate it!)
  2. The blank pages can be used for your very own affirmations and empowering questions.  Google affirmations relating to your body, health, wealth, abundance, confidence etc, and add them to your blank coloring pages.  Color them in, laminate them and stick them around your house! I reckon you could , after you’ve finished coloring them, have them printed in mini card size…that would be cool!
  3. You get to RELAX when you are stressed! Seriously…when the going gets tough…the tough get coloring!  It’s a proven method for STRESS-RELIEF!
  4. When you access the power of asking EMPOWERING QUESTIONS, you start to take inspired action toward your Prosperity goals!  I mean…we ask ourselves “Why am I so poor?”  As you know…the Law of Attraction is about LIKE ATTRACTING LIKE….you do NOT want to ATTRACT POVERTY my friend!    Here are the questions in the Prosperity Power Book:
Why do I have permission to be wealthy and joyful?
Why does money come to me so easily?
Why do I enjoy a life of abundance and increase?
Why do I find opportunities where ever I go?
Why do I use my life of abundance to enrich the lives of others?
Why do I let myself be rich and happy too?
Why do I attract abundance so easily?
Why does God bless me with such financial abundance?
You can’t get better Empowering Questions than that!! Well…actually you probably can! Lol!  Create your own!
So go ahead and download your PROSPERITY POWER BOOK NOW!

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