Quiet the Mental Chatter/MeditateMeditation is a big part of allowing the mental chatter to decrease and ultimately raise the vibration. There are many ways to meditate. Find one that creates a calm place in your mind, in order for you to be more magnetic in your manifesting.Meditation for some, brings up images of monks repeating ‘om’ and sounding the vibrational bells.
Many participate in this and similar types of meditation, however, meditation can take on many forms which are becoming more commonplace. Meditation in my opinion, is any form of activity that allows you to be completely present and drastically quiet the mental chatter in our minds….or empties our mind of our recurring, daily thoughts. Find the best technique for you.

Different Ways to Meditate

Art Journaling
Journaling is such a fun way to increase your personal vibration. Art Journaling in particular is a very popular activity and has the same vibrational effect that Zentangling does.

Journaling Prompts
One Christmas, I created journals for my children with journal prompts in them. You’ll find some ideas here for this type of journaling.

Touch is a powerful thing. Giving and receiving massage is a great way to release mental noise

100 Breaths
Take 100 breaths. Count them and try not to think about anything else.

There’s no particular way to write. Just write what comes to mind. Clear out your thoughts and put them on paper. Start a blog or join a writers club. Ensure you make writing a meditative process. You will find that you will focus more and clearing your mind will help you develop your thoughts.

Also part of the Nature Ritual, walking serves as an amazing form of meditation. Make it intentional. Make it meditative. Do this while noticing things as you walk: trees, people, buildings and animals. Observe, walk, listen and think.

Lifting Weights
Weight lifting can be very meditative. When you lift to music, you’ll find yourself in a zen-like trance in no time.

Music Meditation
Focus on a piece of music and really try to pay attention to the different sounds. Try to differentiate each note. Try to identify each instrument.

Drawing/Doodling ZentanglingThis is my favourite way to meditate. This is a sample of one of my Zentangle creations. Click on theZentangle link above to get more images. It really empties my mind and allows me to be fully present to what I am doing.


This is what I love to do to MEDITATE! This really empties my mind and keeps me present!

I’ve created a few Colour-in pages for Adults!

They have POWER QUESTIONS on them….much like AFFIRMATIONS but with questions because our brain immediately seeks for answers when we see a question and when you as a POWER QUESTION, then you take Inspired Action toward that question!




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