Goal Setting is so YESTERDAY!

Whenever someone mentions Goals, you think: hard work, persistence, focus, work, work, work! And absolutely they are…but we don’t really want to know that even before we’ve started right?

Firstly, you must have a knowledge of the Law of Attraction!

¬†Law of Attraction….here’s one of my favourite mentors/authors on the Law of Attraction!

It’s all about CREATING…just like our own CREATOR…we have the same abilities as He!

So it starts with what’s in your mind and ultimately what YOU are attracting to your life!

Are your thoughts and words stopping you from reaching your dreams and desires?

Your only limitations are the thoughts that you set up in your mind or that you allow others to set up in your mind!


Make a decision as to what it is you want in your life!

Watch the Video again and really understand what Napoleon Hill was saying…..it’s all about CREATING IT IN YOUR MIND FIRST!

Then working toward that goal!

Have a fantastic day!



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