So if you know what I teach, you know how I teach about HAVING SPECIFIC DESIRES to put out into the universe! If you are wishy washy with your desires (or what you want), then you’ll just confuse everything up there in the ether! Lol!

So what is the TOOL that really ACTIVATES the LAW OF ATTRACTION?

A Vision Board! I actually use a VISION BOOK , but most people are familiar with a VISION BOARD!

If you don’t have a VISION BOARD, then you may as well say BLEH to everything you know about the LAW OF ATTRACTION!

Here’s the kicker:

If you don’t have a Vision Board, you don’t really know what you want! Yep! There…I said it!

Why is having a Vision Board/Vision Book important to activating the Law of Attraction?


A Vision board/book identifies the OUTCOMES that you want or the results you wish to see in your life. The Goals are the things you do to reach those outcomes. You see the VISION for what you want to be, do and have and it makes you take inspired action to work those little goals to achieve the results that are on your Vision Board.


Images are so powerful when it comes to realizing your desires and dreams. The Subconscious mind accepts images as reality and as a result of viewing images that relate to your desires, you start to believe what you imagine, you act accordingly and unconsciously take inspired action toward making your desires a reality in your life.

Lucinda Cross, a motivation speaker said “Whether you look at it from a spiritual or scientific aspect, this world is a huge vision board. Everything is here because it started as an image someone had in their mind”

Images force you to become immersed in your dreams. You really can’t help but be forced to take ACTION to amp up your life to realise the world is out there to be enjoyed by living your desires and dreams!

I’m a VISUAL person too…so pictures play a huge part in my life….in fact, Visual Learning and the Learning Style is the most used of the three basic types of learning apart from kinesthetic and auditory.


Ahhh…of course! But what is VISION! Vision is an important part of Dream Designing and Desire Attainment. Most people have not strong sense of what they want to achieve. With a clear vision, the steps necessary to reach your vision are clear and your actions become congruent with what it is you want to achieve.

Being CONGRUENT is vital in realising your vision because without it, your motivation wanes. When you engage in things you don’t like doing or they don’t result in the things you really want, then you don’t do them for long enough or doing them with a power of energy to help you reap those amazing rewards. You start doing what you love, because it resonates with what you wish for your life.


A vision board/book keeps your mind tuned to the right frequency. If you have dreams that fire you up, then every time you see your images on your Vision Board or in your Vision Book, you’ll be reminded of WHY you are working so hard to make it happen.

It’s all about FREQUENCY…or tuning it to the vibration that is energizing you!!!


They say Immersion is the best way to learn a language fast! So why not IMMERSION in your DREAMS?

When you immerse yourself in your dreams, you literally cannot escape them.

As I said before, you are forced to start activating them, creating them, building them and then realizing them.


“Pain pushes until vision pulls.” – Michael Beckwith

“Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.” – Warren Bennis


Love, Laughter and Abundance,

Hinarera (Vision Coach)


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