As I’ve upped the notch on my business…something I previously felt guilty doing, I changed my approach to how I educate my children!

I started focusing on the little ones more (5 and 9 yr old) and leaving the older ones to themselves more (15, 13 and 11yr old).  I felt they needed to more independent and responsible for their own learning as opposed to waiting for me to guide them.

WELL….this happened:

  • 9yr old went from a crying mess (just 3 months ago) when it came to writing and has now written, on his own, without my motivating him, approx. 20 one page, stories, that we are creating into books with illustrations and all!  He asks me to wake him up at 6am, so he can get started on his writing!
  • 5yr old went from zero reading…to LOVING reading and being a lot more independent in her reading!
  • 15 yr old is now doing a Diploma in Events Management
  • 13yr old is starting his own business with his father….a Skateboard Brand.
  • 11yr old is so CREATIVE and I lose track of all her creative projects….well…we kinda don’t lose track because they are ALL OVER THE HOUSE! ARGH!

In a nutshell, they’ve become more independent in their schooling and more responsible for their learning.

Our homeschooling is now Inquiry Based when they search for answers for their questions more, as opposed to waiting for me to come up with their content.

Funny thing too…is…as a result…my productivity in my business boomed….READ HERE WHAT HAPPENED…..


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