So, my blog mentions business.  What is it exactly that I do you might ask.

Well, lets go back to the beginning shall we?

I thought, when I started homeschooling 6 years ago, that, that would be the only thing that would take up my day and mental space.  I love teaching my children at home, why would I need anything else?

In 2008, an interesting turn of events took place, which led me onto a totally unexpected path.  Within two months, we experienced a fire, my husband lost his job, I broke my foot and we were faced with the task of looking for another residence.  If that wasn’t enough, soon after moving, I experience my first ever miscarriage.

Preparing for my daughter’s baptism with the cast on my foot.  I got around the house on an office chair with castors!

(This is another photo, not our actual fire)

I have come to know, that everything, whether we like it or not, happens for a reason.

After I broke my foot, I went with crutches to my first market to sell my art, with the encouragement of a great friend, Jodiene Tovia.  It was out of necessity of course, with hubby’s job loss, yet, a fire started to ignite within me (there was something more to that fire….LOL).

I was CREATING!  Not only art, but, an individual desire to achieve my own individual goals.

Up until then, my life, was my family, and still is. Yet, I began to feel, I had MORE to give and MORE to create!

And so my Business Creation spirit was activated!

I discovered that I gave more back to my children, because I was feeling fulfilled in what I was doing.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the art business (which was a door, an opening to other opportunities), changed to learning about ENERGY THERAPIES and helping others learn about RAW FOOD.  Not only that, but delving into creating products and marketing.

And what a journey it has been!

So now, with more awareness and consciousness of what I love to do and helping others, I have decided, this year, is the year of productivity.

I believe, even though learning is never over, I have learned enough to bring something to the marketplace.

I just watched a 50 min video by Brendan Burchard which motivates me to continue on.

You have to opt in to watch it, but worth it if you feel you have something to give the world…there are many avenues to do this.

Not only that, my husband has decided this is his year too and is over working for someone else.  He is so talented (he is a trained Graphic Designer) and has so much to offer, so we have decided together, to work on our own project.  It’s a very exciting year!

BUSYNESS, BUSINESS….same thing!  We have to work at our goals!

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