I have a Mother’s Day 1/2 Price Sale for all my Mumma’s who want to Dream Build, Dream Act and then Dream Partake using my Law of Attraction Tools!…/

I’ve just finished almost 7 days with some amazing women using my Manifesting Tools…here’s what some have said already:

–I am feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time right now. -KA-

–I felt happier, I felt more encouraged, I did not complain when it was time to do things for others, because I was happier! -RR-

–I’m loving the new found power that I have within me to be able to overcome my weaknesses and to be able to manifest peace, joy, love and success into my everyday life. I’m loving the new me. -AW-

–I love that I am doing this with my husband as well because we are finding awesome things to discuss, empowering one another and manifesting amazing things everyday….-AP-

–With my heighten conscience of our individual spiritual divinity,our connection had also changed up a gear!! !May I continue to experience a deeper spiritual connection and joy to those closest to me.I experienced being a creator of new connections…wow…such a precious moment.xox -JR-

I hope you can join us for 40-DAYS to DREAM Building and DREAM LIVING!…/

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mummas building their futures for their babies!

KUDOS to us all!

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