I could never understand why most people write their biographies in the third person.  You’re here because you want to know about me and I am only too happy to oblige.


I have always loved my name Hinarera.  I am named after my maternal grandmother.  It is Maori and means Cinderella.  Pretty cool huh?

When I was 11 years old, I joined a netball team and my coach, Karen, in a bid to shorten my name whilst we were practicing our ball handling skills, decided the letter H was easier to call out than Hinarera.  The name stuck, and 27 years later, I am known, most of the time as “H”.  To be honest, I would rather be called “H” than hear my name mispronounced, but I so appreciate those who attempt and eventually, come up with their own endearment of my name, which is great too.

Yes, I am New Zealand born and to date, live in beautiful Queensland, Australia.


First and foremost, I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father, who loves me and I love him.  I have a glimpse of my divine heritage and potential, and have yet to discover more about the talents and abilities I was granted before I came  to this earth.

I acquired a wonderful husband, Ronald Lambert, over 15  years ago and we have co-created five amazing children.  Because there is so much to each individual of my family, we have created a blog of our comings, goings, creations, joys, challenges, relationships and zest for life!


As a young child, my mother always ensured, unknowingly, that I was equipped with the knowledge and application of good health.  We were blessed to live in a rural setting where we had 40 feijoa trees lining the side of our property.  Feijoa‘s, are to most New Zealand Maori, what barbeques are to most Australians!  And it wasn’t until I left New Zealand, 10 years ago, that I had an enormous appreciation for one of my favourite fruits in the world!

We also lived 1 kilometre from a citrus orchard owned by our dear friend, Denny Isles.  It was not unusual for  us to take home 20 kg of oranges at a time and devour them with gusto over the coming week.

So, food from the earth, was very much a major part of my life.  We had a backyard garden flourishing with rhubarb ( and the odd rat), and various vegetables.

Meat, took a back seat on our dinner table,  and it was not  uncommon to sit down to a delectable, all vegetable meal, consisting of cooked potatoes, pumpkin, corn and fresh salad.

I became a Raw Food Coach….but after a few years……I ceased this work!


I stopped being Raw food Coach a couple of years ago when I realised one thing……my clients were having a hard time dealing with their minds and their thoughts and in my heart I always knew that the MIND GOVERNS the BODY!

I felt I was cheating my tribe by just teaching them about the body.

I then became a VISION COACH and teach a HOLISTIC view on a person’s wellness!



Now, I currently run a Circle of VISIONARIES who are creating their lives and dreams!

We address ALL ASPECTS of one’s life: MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT!

Since I changed my Coaching Vision, I have had more impact on more people…..THIS is HOLISTIC living!

DDC Cover


As soon as my first child, Galilee, was born, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to ‘train her up in the way she should go.’  I had been blessed with this tiny bundle, and so, in return, I felt the urgent need to bring her up in His training, helping her to become what He know she can be.  Why not?  He created her.  He has given her her talents, skills, abilities, personality, a lot of which she has yet to discover.

Over the ensuing years, Ron and I added four more to the mix, and added more to our responsibilities.  Scary?  Heck yeah! (Don’t tell my children I said the H word…. it’s a profanity in our house).  Willing to take on this amazingly, overwhelming task?  You betcha!  He obviously sees me fit to do so, and I will happily concur, yet, only with His guidance, every step of the way.  And even if I don’t feel His guidance, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, I believe He has given me the necessary tools and resources to move forward with FAITH and CONFIDENCE to continue my mission and vision.  I know He will ‘flick’ me off the path, if it’s not fulfilling my mission or His will.  I’m only too happy to comply, after all…….He knows what I am to do.

So, I decided HOMESCHOOLING might be an option and one of His many tools!  So we prayed about whether this decision to “end my ‘me time’ whilst the kids were at school” (excuse my grammar), would be suitable for our family.

You know, when you get an idea in your head, and even whilst mulling over whether it is right or wrong, it just sticks…….and doesn’t lose adhesive in our ever-increasing chatterbox minds.  Well, this was one of them for us.  So I moved forward, knowing that I had made the right decision, and have not looked back…yet.

Galilee, our eldest, is now, 15, and our ‘education at home’ as evolved.