VB 7 Best

1. It’s portable. Great for the travelers and explorers! Create, envision and design a more compelling future…..on the go!

Take it with you! Also….it’s not in your line of Vision. Having your Vision Board in your line of Vision can make you wonder WHEN and HOW, etc….this creates WANT.  You don’t WANT that! Lol!

2. It can double as an Art Journal as you add your own creative elements to it.

You can make it more personal.  Add you own touch to it!

3. Acknowledge the DESIRES you have already received. (You don’t need remove your fulfilled desires. Your Vision Book is a testament to all you have received)

I love seeing what it is I have already manifesting.  This puts you in a state of GRATITUDE!

4. Create one with your children to inspire them and boost their self-esteem.

It’s so much fun teaching our children how to manifest!  Create a VISION BOOK with your children! Have fun doing it too!

5. You can dedicate a page for each DESIRE as opposed to a board for many desires.

You can get really specific in your desires by having ONE PAGE per DESIRE!

6. You can write your ACTION STEPS in your book for each DESIRE.

You ACTION STEPS can be included on each page as there is space for them!  It may get a bit cluttered having these on a Vision Board

7. It becomes your own PERSONAL VISION for your eyes only. Something you can pick up every morning and night.

A vision book is so much more personal.  Not only can you take it with you, but only you can see it, feel i t and become it!

Go and DO!


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