The more you focus on something, the more powerful it becomes. Focus on your illness, the more ill you will become. Focus on wellness, you’ll attract wellness.

You have the power to attract your experiences you want to have.  You may bring bad things upon yourself by worrying about them.  There is a clause in this for me though….I believe, sometimes our BAD experiences may not necessarily be experiences we attract, but experiences we need for our ‘greater good’ such as my FIRE, JOB LOSS and MISCARRIAGE year!

Your FEELINGS cause your THOUGHTS. Feel good, then you’ll have positive thoughts and great things will happen. The negative will have less space in your mind as well.

When we give your attention to a subject and we feel only positive emotion about it as we do so, it will come very quickly into our lives.


You can make great things happen more quickly by thinking about them more

This is something that successful people know about. It’s also called Visualisation. Michael Phelps talks about picturing himself winning every night before retiring to bed.


To change your life, see things as you hope them to BE, not as they currently are.

We must disregard things as they are, as well as how others see us and give more attention to the way we prefer things to be.


Success isn’t a finite resource: it’s there for the taking, for EVERYONE!

Others being successful doesn’t limit your success. When we attract abundance to ourselves, we are not limiting others by doing so.

You have the ability to attract what you want, especially when you have no idea HOW

The HOW will come.  All it takes is TRUST.  Trust in God, trust in the Universe, trust in the process and using your guided intuition and inspired action.

As a Co-Creator with God and the Universe, you have the ability to BE FEARLESS, BE FREE and BE KNOWING.

When you know who you are (a son and daughter of God) then you know from what source you can create a fabulous life for yourself by co-creating it with God.

When you focus on JOY, you stay in the flow of Action and Synchronicity….in other words, do things that make you feel good, and stuff happens!

We need to help the Universe along in Manifesting great things.  Be still and Know That I am God.  This means taking intuitive and guided action toward our desires.  Be still first, then act from your power and your joy.  Do less.  Take breaks often.  Then you will be ‘shown’ what to do.

Your WORDS have POWER and VIBRATION! When you choose your words carefully, you have the power to attract more into your life.

My daughter recently did the RICE EXPERIMENT.


The Rice Experiment, with WORDS OF LOVE on one jar and WORDS OF HATE on the other!
Whilst there is mold in both, the CONTENT IN THE HATE JAR is significantly more green and furry with mold, whereas the content in the LOVE JAR is more yellow, probably sweet!
Our experiment is based on our belief in Masaru Emoto’s Water experiements.
So if we are 70% water, then WORDS HAVE SO MUCH POWER IN OUR BODIES!
Watch this!


Being CLEAR on what it is you DESIRE in your life helps you become more magnetic to it. Have clear goals and be specific. God and the Universe deals with SPECIFICS!

Don’t be wishy washy about what it is you desire! Be CLEAR right down to the numbers (amount of kilos you wish to release, amount of money you wish to manifest!)


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